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Little Rock Knows More About You Than The FBI & IRS Combined

You probably do not realize it, but in a little town just north of Little Rock, Arkansas, there is a company that knows more about you than all the government agencies, your bank, your doctor, Google, Yahoo and Twitter combined.  It is a company you have probably never heard of and if you had not read this article, you would not even know they existed,

The firm is one of the largest data mining companies in the world.  It is in the business of gathering public information on people, like you and your friends.  Their current database contains information on over 550 Million worldwide consumers. It is impossible to know exactly what information is in those data-banks, but it is fairly simple to know what information might be there.

Have you ever applied for a lease, completed a survey, visited a doctor, applied for a loan or requested a credit card?How about, started a business, bought a home, purchased a car, used your grocery rewards card or rented a video? Have you paid a utility bill, bought a cell phone, been to a hospital, received a ticket, been in jail, filed for bankruptcy or entered a contest?  That is just a small sample of where information comes from.  With the growth of this industry in the fast lane, could there be a problem that personal sensitive health and financial information is being sold to the open market?

Information contained in the data banks could be your name, address, phone number, marital status, buying history, health, personal property, height, political views, education, race, sex, vacations taken, hobbies, etc.  It is not known, but could there also be information on your military status, your job, movies you like, books you read, your finances, foods you like, pets you own, your criminal record, driving history, credit status, etc.  You get the idea, the amount of information could be enormous.  To obtain this information, keep the information in storage and resell the information is not illegal; as long as it is not being resold for an illegal purpose.

The company has over 20,000 (state-of-the-art) servers running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  In 2010, Facebook had 30,000 servers, Verizon had 25,000 servers, AT&T had 20,000 servers, Intel had over 100,000 servers and it is estimated Google had over 1 Million servers.  With over 20,000 servers and growing, this company can store a lot of data and it is reported they want more information.  With current information on over 550 Million consumers, you know they have information on every adult in America.

Information data on consumers is big business.  With sales last year of over 1 Billion Dollars for this firm and customers like Ford, Macy's, Wells Fargo, E-Trade and a lot more, there is big money in selling your personal information to big companies.  You might not realize it, but this is a multibillion dollar industry.  The industry is called data-mine marketing or data-base marketing. The company we have been talking about is Aexiom Corporation and is located just north of Little Rock, Arkansas, in a little town named Conway.

As a skip tracer, bounty hunter, private investigator or police officer you now know that there is a lot of information available on every American.


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