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State Requirements

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Duties and responsibilities of a security guard or security officer.
  • Ensure the safety of property and people.
  • Guard against damage and attacks.
  • Work as a patrol officer always on the move.
  • Work as a static guard at one location.
  • Keep on a constant watch.
  • Make sure everything is under control.
  • Possibly perform as a patrol and static guard.
  • Use electronic surveillance equipment.
  • Work with the police when required.
  • Know what to do in case of emergencies.
  • Have a working knowledge of first aid.
  • Know how to operate lights in your area.
  • Always be on the alert for acts of violence.
  • Inspect bags, luggage and personal items.
  • Stop the entry of unauthorized people.
  • Be courteous to all people you deal with.
  • Do not be late for assignments.
  • Be alert for unusual situations.
  • Know how to contact your supervisor.
  • Be courteous and polite.
  • Ability to react fast in an emergency.
  • Be in good physical shape.
  • Be honest and have dedication to the job.
  • Safeguard against theft and violence.
  • Be on the lookout for disturbances.
  • Protect against physical and financial loss.
  • Transport money and/or valuables.
  • Direct vehicles and make sure vehicles are safe.
  • Inspect and/or adjust controls of buildings.
  • Make sure security equipment is in working order.
  • Conduct checks inside of buildings you protect.
  • Know where emergency alarms are located.
  • Make detailed notes of anything unusual.
  • Write details of accidents and damages.
  • Observe every person within your guard area.
  • Prohibit certain items into restricted locations.
  • Always act in the best interest of your employer.
  • Answer general questions and give directions.
  • Always represent yourself in a professional manner.
  • Maintain knowledge of your electronic equipment.
  • Make sure your personal equipment is always working.
  • Know who to call in case of an emergency.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Have the ability to handle and resolve conflicts.
  • Armed guards must know how to use their firearm.
  • Know how to communicate on a phone.


Basic qualifications to become a security guard or security officer.

  • High school diploma or have your GED.
  • Own a valid license to drive a vehicle.
  • Be able to pass a drug test.
  • Be a legal citizen of the United States.
  • Not to have a felony conviction.
  • Armed guards complete annual weapons training.
  • Basic understanding of first-aid.  **
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene.
  • Be willing to work night or day shift.
  • Pass a background and criminal investigation.
  • Have the required state license.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Complete the state required training.  **
  • Armed guards to be trained in firearms.  **
  • Armed guards to have required firearm permit.  **
  • Armed guards to have valid weapon license.  **
  • Physically fit for different types of security jobs.
  • Basic knowledge of criminal justice (armed guards).
  • Know how to write legibly.
  • Legend :  **  =  can be provided by employer.


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